Nov 29, 2012

Corn Burning Stoves and Heaters

Corn Stove
Pinnacle Corn Stoves
"Corn Burning Stove - Save energy and money heating your home with stoves that use corn for fuel! Burning Shelled Corn to Produce Heat Energy is much better for the environment than burning fossil fuels or wood pellets!!! This renewable energy source is much safer and cleaner than other fuels in many ways. Find out why! ... STOVES THAT HEAT WITH CORN? YES! CORN BURNING STOVES HEAT WITH DRIED CORN KERNELS!"

Corn Stove
Corn Stoves
"The corn stove produces renewable heat that can be used for both heating and cooking within the home. The corn heat is both safe and extremely clean, thus giving you peace of mind that your home is safe and you are doing your bit to conserve energy."

Corn Boiler
EZ Burn Corn Boiler
"The EZ Burn corn stove is so efficient that is produces only pure corn ash. There are NO clinkers to remove, no sugars left in the burning chamber. Unlike other stoves, you don’t need to mix the corn with other combustible material. It burns corn. And, it burns corn very well!"

Corn Burning Stoves
Comphort Stoves
"Grain Comfort Stoves, burn renewable resources, such as corn, wheat, and rye. These resources are natural and readily available at feed stores and local farmers. You will not only be helping to protect our environment, you will also be contributing to our agricultural community."

Corn Burning Stoves
Natures Heat Corn Stoves
"Corn and wood pellet burning stoves, furnaces and boilers"

Corn Burning Furnace
Maxim Heat Furnace
"Central Boiler manufacturers the Maxim outdoor wood pellet and corn furnace. The Maxim outdoor wood pellet and corn furnace can heat an entire home, multiple buildings along with domestic water. The Maxim doesn't take up valuable living space like indoor wood pellet stoves or corn stoves and is able to heat for days on a single fuel load."

Corn Burning Stoves
Corn Flame
"It’s Practical - The use of shelled corn as a fuel source of petroleum, while at the same time providing increased financial revenues for agricultural areas through out the country."

Corn Burning Stove
Corn Burning Stove
"The A-Maize-Ing Heat furnace and boiler burns shelled corn, a renewable local commodity. Corn costs less per BTU than other heat sources, plus benefits the local economy by generating business for farmers. The low cost of shelled corn, together with the efficient burning process of this furnace and boiler, produces an economical, ecologically safe home heating system."

Corn Burnning Stoves
Corn Burnning Stoves
"The Envirotec Corn Stove can heat your home safely and efficiently for a bushel of corn per day."

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