Feb 26, 2012

Paper Made From Allergens

Paper Made From Bamboo
Bamboo Paper

Paper Made From Coconuts
Coconut Fiber Paper

Paper Made From Gluten / Wheat
A4 Multipurpose Paper
Natures Paper

Paper Made From Bananas
Cover/ Card Stock Banana
Banana Fibre Paper

Banana Paper
Banana Paper

Paper made from bananas

Paper Made From Peanuts
Development and Characterization of Paper Products from Dried Sweetpotato Stems, Peanut Shells and Soybean Pods

Banana and bamboo can cross react with latex allergies

Corn Paper cups, paper plates and other disposable paper products are much more common than corn stationary.

Walnut Ink and walnut sprays can be used in Scrapbooking.

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