Mar 5, 2012

Shoes Made From Nuts

ECO Clear Wading Boot
"That’s why we created ECO-CLEAR™ soles. Their unique construction—crushed walnut shells and a dynamic rubber compound—helps keep unwanted organisms from latching onto your gear, so you can fish any stream with an ECO-CLEAR conscience!

White River Fly Shop® ECO-CLEAR™ Wading Boots for Men are equipped with eco-friendly ECO-CLEAR soles for stream protection and slip-resistant traction.

Powler Boot Sticky Rubber
•Available in both sticky walnut rubber and felt sole options

London fashion students hail green as the new black
Apart from stilettos made from pistachio shells and coffee beans, designs include a wood-chip corset by British designer Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse, which was unveiled at London Fashion Week last September and modelled by singer Pixie Lott in Vogue.

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