Jul 27, 2012

Fish Leather

"Rayfish Footwear creates personalized sneakers made from genuine stingray leather."

Shoes of Pray
"We have a wide variety of leathers available - including soft leather, patent leather, fish skin, snake skin, and more."

Dr Martens
"Made with genuine fish leather; distinctive fish scale with a textured look and feel. A sleek, tapered shape. This is a Goodyear-welted product. The upper and sole are sewn together"

Fishskin Sneeker
"Electric blue fishskin high top sneaker. Handcrafted from fish leather sourced from the Arctic."

Fishleather Wallet "Genuine Salmon Leather from Wild Alaskan Salmon."

Fish Leather
"Our launch product is a gentlemen's wallet in salmon leather.

We are currently developing a range of salmon leather accessories, with an iPhone cover, an iPad cover, a ladies' purse and a clutch bag due for Summer 2012."

"Tommy Hilfiger big boy's belt. He can stand out in preppy style this season in our debossed fish belt. Antiqued buckled with debossed Hilfiger text. Topstitched edges. Genuine Leather."

Hand Bags
"The handbags and the accessories I make are mainly made of wolf-fish and salmon from Iceland and the leather of perch, caught in the lakes of Africa where I lived for a period of my life. To some, the idea of fish leather made into handbags, is perhaps strange at first, but when you do open up to it, and embrace them hands and hip, you´ll know you´ve found a scaled friend for life."

Fish Leather
Fish Leather
"Fish skins, exotic, durable, and magnificent. Fish leather is one of exotic leather products we are proud to offer."

Fish Leather Books
Zen Fish Leather
"Zenfish Leather produces quality leather sketchbooks and leather journals for creative people."

Sprout Watches
"Fish skins are an eco-friendly alternative to animal leather because ocean leather manufacturers use the by-product of the skin from fish farmers who are catching non-endangered species for human consumption. Fish skin is praised as being one of the strongest leathers on earth, as well as having an uncanny elasticity."

Fish Leather
Sea Leather Wear
"We are a Canadian company and the agent of a fish leather manufacturer, carefully selecting, processing and transforming a variety of fish skins into a unique and exotic leather."

Atlantic Leather
Atlantic Leather
"Atlantic Leather specialises in the production of high quality fish leather from four different varieties of fish. Perch leather, salmon leather, wolffish leather and cod leather each have their own individual characteristics"

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