Aug 26, 2012

Furniture Made From Coconuts

Coconut Shell Console Table
"Beautiful Console Table made from natural Coconut Shells exclusive from coco54. Stunning piece of quality made furniture which will make a statement to your living room."

Blue Print Furnature
"The Nias dining tables are made of intricate mosaics coconut shells and yellow penshells that give them extraordinary texture and make them warm and inviting."

Pussy Lawn Furnature
"Project about the introduction of natural elements in the home landscape. It’s a chair made of coconut fibre and seeds compressed with latex. Was part of “300% Spanish Design” exhibition, curated by Juli Capella, toured Lisbon, Athens, Shanghai and Beijing."

Design Work
"During Design at Work 10 Sedete is presenting ‘COCOFRAME : how to construct ecological seating frames of coco fibre’. ‘Cocoframe’ is a new, patented construction technique. It uses the specific features of the coconut fibre to construct complete seating frames. From a basic pouf to a club chair, it’s all possible with ‘ Cocoframe’."

Coconut Screen
Fabric Pannel
"Criss Cross Coconut Fabric 3 Panel Floor Screen is made from Coconut husks with an intricate cross stitch design. This handmade Floor Screen is framed in a Banana Leaf weave and finished on both sides of the screen. This outdoor screen can be used on your patio as a panel that will limit or block one side or it can be used in your garden to create or delimit a privacy area. This partition can be used indoors or outdoors and is ideal to create some division in your outdoor areas."

"Headboards are made of cotton or cotton and coconut fibres. Produced in different shapes, dimensions and colours, they are are a useful support comfortable and wrapping during sleep."

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