Dec 2, 2012

Brooms Made From Coconut Fibre

Ekel Garden Broom
"These upright brooms consists of a plastic head filled with stiff Coconut leaf mid ribs (Ekels)and detachable 22mm broom stick. Ideal for stiff cleaning jobs such as sweeping fallen leaves and cleaning between stones in the home garden or compound. They are very well made to suit any environment and moderately priced. The soft broom filled with Coconut fibre (Coir) is also available."

Brushes and Brooms
Brushes and Brooms
"Plain rubber timber back filled with natural coco fiber"
"Plain rubber timber back filled with dyed coco fibre."

Palm Broom
"1.A bundle of fallen coconut fronds are selected and the leaves are stripped off the stems."

Hand Brush
Soft Coconut Fibre Brush
"Soft Coconut Fibre Contract Quality Hand Brush, size 7 inches."

Coconut Fibre Broom
"•Natural coconut fibres: traps dust and dirt"

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