Apr 11, 2013

Scouring Pads Made From Walnuts

Scouring Pad
Good Bye Detergent
"Outdoor Scouring Pad - Soft Made with Walnut Shells
Use for
- General cleaning, removing minor stains on exterior walls, furniture, wooden decks, and flower pots
- Walnut shell, non-woven nylon
How to use
- Moisten with water, roll up into a ball and only a dab of soap if desired
- Scrub will get softer with use
- Rinse and hang to dry thoroughly after each use"

Walnut Scouring Pad
Coninental Walnut Scoring Pad
"Are you destroying your stainless steel with scouring pads? This unique Walnut Scouring Pad is safe to use on stainless steel, porcelain or painted surfaces. Organic, crushed walnut shells are easy on the hands and provide aggressive cleaning action."

Cleaning Pad
Natural Ground Walnut Shells deliver one of the best all purpose scouring surfaces available. Ground shells have a rounded surface which make them less abrasive and reduces the risk of scratching. They are a natural and renewable resource which remanufactures a by-product from walnut meat into a highly desirable cleaning pad. Walnuts are NON-ALLERGENIC, unlike Peanuts which are actually a legume, NOT a nut."

Cleaning Pad
Walnut Scouring Pad - Brown
"Scratch resistant hand pad with aggressive cleaning action. This unique pad contains crushed walnut shells which makes it safe to clean stainless steel, copper, coated cookware and any surface where scratching is a concern."

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