Jan 20, 2014

Tea Bags Made From Corn

Tea Bags
Our Tea Bags
The tag, complete with brewing instructions printed with soy ink, is also fashioned from all-natural bamboo and recycled paper. The mesh tea bag fabric of the Eco-Friendly Full-Leaf Round Tea Bags is a byproduct of corn and sewn with bamboo string. Both are an all-natural, renewable resource.

Tea Bags
Organic Tencha Teabags with Matcha
Organic Tencha is the premium red wine of tea. Our tetra shaped teabags, made from cornstarch, are used for a premium quality brew, releasing more nutrients and flavour over traditional teabags.

Tea Bags
Chai Tea
Famous Organic Rainbow Chai in 100% Biodegradable cornstarch teabags

Tea Bag
"We Are Tea", composting your cuppa (article)
And for those of us still partial to the tea bag, We Are Tea offers biodegradable cornstarch teabags. These are completely biodegradable and safe to throw on the compost – or in your food waste bin ready for kerbside collection!

Tea Bags
Non Woven Network
"Innovative new developments in tea bag media, which starts increased porosity to provide very fast infusion. Translucent filter media allows for visibility of the tea and other flavored components. As the media heats the porosity slowly decreases, closing the pores to retain eventual tea remnants. The fabric used is made from Green-Fibers corn derivative PLA fiber and is 100% biodegradable after use."

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