Apr 12, 2016

Corn in Batting and Fibrefill

Corn Fibre Toy Filling
Eco-friendly Corn Fibre Toy Filling
This is ECO-FRIENDLY TOY FILLING (toy stuffing) made from 100% CORN FIBER! Some great advantages of this product are: - The fiber is super springy and super soft - Non - Allergenic - Warm Wash & Dry - Low Flammability - Corn used in making the fiber comes from Nebraska - no GMO - no chemical sprays.

Corn Fiber Fiberfill
Nature-fil Enviromentally Friendly Fibrefill
Environmentally friendly, all natural fiberfill. Nature-fil is made from corn fiber, which is an annually renewable resource. It's hypoallergenic, washable, and made in the USA.

Ingeo Fibrefill
Eco Craft Ingeo Fibrefill
Eco-friendly stuffing (filler) fresh from American cornfields. Ingeo fiber, or PLA, is made from lactic acid and sugars that are found in corn plants. It's a great alternative to polyester and less expensive than organic cotton stuffing.

Corn Fibre Fill
Our Corn Fibre is Australian made and derived from 100% non- genetically modified corn.

From Avoiding Milk Protein:
Non Food Items made From Corn

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