Mar 20, 2017

Spring Barbecue Dangers: Allergen Safety on the Grill

Spring is finally here! If you are excited to welcome the warmer weather and sunshine, a barbecue with family and friends is probably high on your list! But did you know? Common allergens like nuts, corn, and soy can easily turn your barbecue experience into an emergency.

If you or a family member is living with allergies, here are 5 unsuspecting things to watch out for on your next barbecue:

1. Barbecue grill – the grill is a very busy place that can be overlooked as a source of allergen. Aside from cross-contamination, things like barbecue smokers made with recycled oil drums may cause reactions to people who are allergic to certain types of oil i.e. corn, peanut, almond, and coconut.

For persons with allergy or intolerance to potatoes, beware this BBQ hack that use potatoes to make grills non-stick and easier to clean.

2. Fire starters and briquettes – people with allergies to corn and nuts especially need to be aware of fire starters and briquettes that are made of nuts and corn. Some charcoal briquettes are made with starch that can come from corn, wheat, potato, or rice.

Egg allergies are also one of the most common food allergies and during a barbecue, egg cartons are becoming a popular hack to light up charcoals fast.

3. Steak and butcher paper made with soy wax – butcher papers are used for wrapping meat like briskets to allow smoke to enter the meat but without losing the flavorful juice. Also see wax paper made with soybean wax.

4. BBQ Party utensils – while good for the environment, green disposable cups and utensils may be dangerous for people living with allergies. Compostable plates and utensils like spoons, forks, and knives are usually made with renewable sources like corn, potato, and wheat residue.

5. Food – aside from avoiding foods that you are obviously allergic to i.e. certain types like poultry and seafood; do watch out for the following:
Meatless pork chop made through farm chemurgy

Wood-smoked meat – pecan and almond are top choices for smoking meat for a bolder flavor.

Barbecue and Allergy Hacks
Allergy moms suggest using disposable BBQ liners to grill your own “safe food” on. This means bringing in your own marinated meat in allergen free barbecue sauce. Don’t forget to bring your own pair of BBQ tongs too!

Stuffed Peppers

An even easier alternative is by bringing in your own home cooked dish that you can safely enjoy and share with others. Try this Stuffed Peppers recipe that is perfect for barbecue parties!

Finally, it would be easier for everyone if you communicate your allergies to your family, friends, or whoever is hosting the barbecue. It is also recommended for people with allergies to wear a medical ID.

A medical ID can speak for you in times of emergency and help you receive the precise treatment that you need. 95% of medical responders are trained to look for a Medical ID. Here are more tips from Remember, proper care and caution can make it possible for you to enjoy a memorable barbecue this season!

About the author: Lace Llanora is a food allergy writer at American Medical ID. American Medical ID serves the medical community by offering quality medical IDs that can be customized for any allergy or condition the wearer may have.

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