Feb 14, 2012

Pens Made From Allergens

Pens Made From Lobster adnd Mussel Shells
Lobster Pens
"These unique Maine Pens reflect our state’s love of the sea. The red is crushed lobster shell, and the blue is crushed mussel shell. Each time you use this pen you are proudly displaying the country’s colors and also supporting our troops, wherever they are."

Pen Made With Coconut
Mecanical Pencil
"The Ambition mechanical pencil barrel is made of coconut wood with unique grain design. The pencil uses the twisiting mechanism, with front and end pieces made of chrome-plated and polished metal. It has the spring-loaded clip with replaceable eraser under the cap. It uses the 0.7mm lead refill."

Pen Made With Milk
"One of the strangest materials that pens have been made from is a material called Ivorine, a sort of protein based plastic that was developed in the late 1800's in an effort to replace the black board slates used in schools. The first white boards, in fact. According to David Wells, a pen collector that has done extensive research, Adolf Spitteler and W. Kirsch in Bavaria developed the process of making plastics from formaldehyde and... well... skimmed milk."

Pen Made From Corn
Banner Pen
"World's first Eco banner pen. The Corn Series banner pen is 90% compostable. Exclusively made 100% biodegradable "Corn" plastic."

Pens made From corn
Pens made from corn
"MVP Design is proud to introduce the first 100% biodegadable pen made from corn plastic."

Pens made From corn
Papermate Biodgradable Pens
"Biodegradable components are made from exclusive corn-based material"

Pen Made From Corn
Corn Plastic Cobra Pen
"For an eco-friendly writing utensil, check out the custom imprinted corn plastic cobra pen. Made from completely biodegradable materials, this pen will be a big hit at your next trade show or promotional event."

Corn Plastic Pens
Eco Friendly Pens
"Pen barrels manufactured from corn plastic, corn starch and vegetable derivative bioplastic make sense. They are made from renewable materials and biodegrade. Petroleum based plastic products are bioinert which means they take too long to disintegrate when disposed of in landfills. Biodegradable pens make great trade show handouts and are perfect for environmental promotions.

Pen Made From Corn
Ecol Brite Pen
"Recycled Paper and Corn Plastic: Go green with our new Ecol Brite pens. Barrels made from recycled paper and clips are made from corn plastic"

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