Oct 15, 2012

Instruments That Have Nuts in Them

Violin Varnish
Classic Violin Varnish
For violin varnish, linseed oil and walnut oil are most often used in combination with resins. The oil is prepared by cooking or by exposing to air and sunlight. The resin is typically available as a solid, and is then "run" by cooking or literally melting it in a pot over heat without solvents. The thickened oil and prepared resin are then cooked together and thinned with turpentine into a brushable varnish."

Wooden Toys and Instruments
Sussex Woodsman
"We use Tung Oil or Walnut Oil for oiled finishes, this finish may not be suitable for people who have a nut allergy, product styles pictured are generic and are for illustration purposes only, as we work with natural materials & products the styles and shapes of the completed items are subject to considerable natural variation, photographs and/or lists of current stock (if available) can be provided upon request. Overseas orders welcome."
Arrow Through A Ring Puzzle
Wooden Woods Made Whistle
Whimmy Diddle.

"These maracas are made of Nut shells attached to a bamboo handle."

A Bell Flute Company
"The wood is treated at each stage with a light coating of almond oil acquired at a local health food store. The care taken to handle and inspect each piece of wood throughout the various stages of production helps to insure that the finished whistle will play for many years with relatively low maintenance."

Mapex Saturn Drum
"The Mapex Saturn is ideal for all professional music applications; recording, live including all genres of music. Saturn is available in a wide variety of complete drum sets and shell packs. A multitude of components can be added to complete any desired set-up. With its unique thin maple and walnut shell, Saturn produces deep, rich tone recognized by thousands of players as the Mapex Sound!"

Walnut Shell Open-Back Banjo
•5-string Open-Back model
Walnut Shell & Neck
•Double Co-ordinator rods
•24 Plated brackets
•'Whyte Laydie' Style Tone Ring
•Inlaid Headstock & Fingerboard
•Official Remo Head
•Scale Length - 670mm"

Deering Banjos (article)
"The ebony fingerboards on our Deering banjos are not covered with a finish. They are treated with a light coating of almond oil. You can but it at the grocery store or the hardware store.

To clean your fingerboard, rub it down with a clean cloth that has a light coating of almond oil on it. Rub the oil into the wood, and remove any excess on the fingerboard."

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