Aug 12, 2013

Mother's Placenta Products That Contain Nut Oils

Placenta Salve
Placenta Salve
"Infused with placenta powder, this cream has all sorts of calming, soothing, and healing agents in it. It can be used as a nipple cream, for hemorrhoids or perennial tearing, diaper rash (cloth diaper compatible!), skin irritations, and much more! This is also a wonderful cream to help heal cesarean section incisions after the wound has closed to help lessen scarring, itching, and discomfort. Like I said, miracle cream! {please let me know of any nut allergies, as i use sweet almond oil in my recipe}"

Placenta Products From It's Your Placenta
Placenta Skin Salves (scroll down)
"Placenta skin salves are a powerhouse of healing & restoration for your skin. Our skin salves are made from a portion of Your Placenta. Your Placenta is infused with custom organic herbs which we purchase locally, organic coconut oil & organic almond oil for a minimum of 24 hours in order to maximize the medicinal benefits"

Placenta Infused Oils (scoll down)
"Many people spend hundreds of dollars for cosmetics made from placentas which are derived from Russian donors. Because of this, we have decided to offer families an oil, made from their own placenta's. This oil can be added to their favorite moisturizer, bath salts - or anything. We infuse Your Placenta in your choice of oils: organic sweet almond, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic macadamia nut oil or organic hemp seed oil.

Placenta Salve /Balm
Placenta Salve/Balm
"We use only organic ingredients. Our bases are coconut and shea butters. If there are no known allergies then cold-pressed sesame/almond or grape seed oils are also added to a mixture of healing herbs and of course the magic ingredient of you own 'Placenta Powder and essence'."

Placenta Salve
Placenta Salve (scoll down)
"*Placenta salve (A small amount of placenta powder is added to a base of coconut oil, almond oil, beeswax and select herbs. The resulting salve can be used to speed healing of cesarean and perineal wounds, as well as rashes, burns, abrasions, and other skin conditions. **PLEASE ADVISE IF THERE ARE ALLERGIES IN YOUR FAMILY**)"

Placenta Salve
PLACENTA SALVE (scoll down)
"I can create a salve from a small amount of the placenta powder. Sheep placenta is frequently the “secret” ingredient in highly expensive skin lotions and beauty creams that claim anti-aging and restorative benefits. Topical placenta application has been used to soothe, reduce inflammation, promote healing, and relieve pain. It is made with organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic almond oil, and beeswax, and a couple of drops of lavender essential oil, if desired."

My Opinion
In my opinion using or consuming products made from human placenta benefits and risks are still under debate. Many of these products are mixed with almond oil adding a risk for those with nut allergies.

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