Nov 18, 2016

Poison Treatments That Contain Nuts

Treatments for treating heavy metal poisoning (lead or mercury) as well as arsenic poisoning can contain peanut oil. Activated charcoal can be made from coconut shells or other natural sources. Activated charcoal can be used in a hospital setting to treat a large number of poisoning situations, it is also sold in health food stores with the idea that it removes common toxins.

Poison Antidote
Anti Lewisite
British anti-Lewisite was developed in 1941 as an antidote to lewisite, an arsenic-based chemical warfare agent. (the solute is peanut oil).

Poison Treatment
BAL In Oil
Poisoning Treatment Generic name Dimercarol: "Dimercaprol may contain peanut oil. Tell your caregivers if you have a peanut allergy."

Metal Poisoning
Removing heavy metal/ poison This medicine contains peanut oil. Tell your doctor if you have a peanut allergy.

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