Feb 10, 2012

Clothes Made From Bananas

Long Cardigan
"Long, loose, chunky knit, wrap cardigan in banana fibre with deep pocket detailing. Hand knitted in Nepal. Hand wash only."

Underware made from banana
"AussieBum has launched a line of men's briefs and boxer briefs made from bananas. That’s right, the company is giving “banana hammock” a whole new meaning. The made-in-Australia underwear isn’t made with the fruit itself, but rather from banana tree bark."

Banana Scarf
Natural Banana Fiber Scarf from Nepal
"These beautiful, eco-friendly scarves are knit by hand; by co-operatives of women in the Himalayas of Nepal. The scarves are truly amazing- you would never know that they are made out of fiber from banana and aloe plants! In our current "Go Green" era, these are gorgeous and timely gifts for both men and women. Banana Fiber yarn is made from banana trees."

Banana Fibre Dress
"Fiber content: warp: 100% cotton. weft: 45% handspun indian sari yarn from banana fiber and recycled silk, 30% merino, 25% silk."

Silk Banana Dress
"An exquisite combination of raw silk and banana fiber, this dainty black silk dress with abaca overlay is as simple as it gets."

Banana Slippers
Handloomed Banana, Hemp and Bamboo Slippers
"Be the first to own these soft and silky carpet slippers made from banana fibre, hemp and bamboo!

They have a lightly padded diamond stitched sole and closed toe, and are quilted inside for extra comfort. Upper 80% banana fibre, 20% bamboo. Sole 100% hand loomed Wild Nepali Hemp."

Banana Bag
Banana fiber Bag
"This banana bag has been created from banana bark. The banana bark is cut and sun dried. The artisans create ropes out of these banana barks. The artisan then take these ropes to create various products including bags using the crochet technique"

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