May 21, 2012

Shoes Made From Coconuts

Pu Zu
"Given that you spend much of it on your feet, we came up with the coir ‘foot-mattress’. It is filled with swirly coconut fibers that are linked by highly elasticized natural latex. Not only this impeccable piece of engineering is entirely natural, but it’s also highly breathable to keep your feet dry, and provides great insulation for both hot and cold climates."

Shoes and Boots
Several Shoes and Boots "Removable anatomical self-forming insole made with emery polished leather that absorbs perspiration, over a pad of natural coconut fiber that helps thermal insulation and favors condensation of humidity."

Supporting Insoles
"These insoles, made of natural coconut fibres from Sri Lanka, natural rubber and organic cotton, provide a firm stance. The insole offers arch support and stabilizes the heel. The coconut fibres are light and durable."

E-coco Insoles
"The insoles made of E-cocco coconut fibre are completely natural and have the following characteristics: resistance to decay due to antimicrobial properties, lightness, breathability and thermal insulation from both hot and cold temperatures. These soles can be combined with cork and natural textile linings, making them suitable candidates for an Ecolabel"

Flip Flops
Paper Flip Flops
"These Flip Flops are made of recycled and up-cycled newspapers. It takes approximately 1kg of old newspapers to produce a pair of PaperFlops Flip Flops. Other materials for the PaperFlop Flip Flops include root from old palm trees, coconut shells, and 100% natural rubber. The PaperFlop Flip Flops are quite durable and water proof since they are protected with a natural rubber sealant.

"This is the best material we have found so far to create the stylish look that Earthy Soles shoes possess whilst avoiding the use of leather and a material that was recyclable. Coconut Shell Buttons: ONLY coconut buttons are used for our shoes and not plastic and wood. Coconut shell buttons are made from unwanted coconut shells after the use of the coconut meat."

ECO Shoes for Woman
"These shoes have soles made from recycled materials and coconut shell buttons. With frayed edges, these shoes are perfect for everyday wear. Available in three different colors."

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