May 29, 2012

Allergens In Your Bed

Milk Fibre Comforters (milk)
Milk Fibre Alternative Comforters
Material: Milk Fibre, Poly Fibre.

Milk Fiber Quilt (milk)
Milk Fibre Quilt
"Shell: 100% cotton
Filling: Milk fibre + Polyester fibre
Color: white, cream, pink or custom requirements
Sizes: Single, double, queen, king and OEM sizes available
Weight: 0.5-3kgs
Care Instructions: Machine wash, gentle cycle, cool water, and mild soap. Dry on low."

Corn Blankets (corn)
Ingeo Corn Blankets and Throws
"Ingeo is a revolutionary naturally derived fiber made from corn by The Cargill Plant in Blair Nebraska. Instead of petroleum, corn is used to produce a textile fiber that is unique, renewable and environmentally friendly. These blankets are weaved and made at Faribault mills. Throws are 45"x72", they are 60% wool and 40% Ingeo (corn) From raw material to final production, Ingeo throws are truly environmentally friendly and 100% grown and made in the U.S.A."

Corn Matress Cover (corn)
Crib Matress Pad
"Give baby plush comfort from natural cotton and corn fibers with the innovative Sealy® Naturals-Cotton Crib Mattress Pad. Quilted cotton top is super absorbent and corn fiber cushioning whisks moisture away from baby to keep him cool and dry. Made in the USA.

Coconut Matress (coconut)
Chiro Sleep
"The Chiro Sleep features the Torquesone spring system which is postureised in the middle third so provides added support where it is most needed. The sleep surface features Dream Foam comfort layers, and Nuvole fibre, which gives you a drier, healthier sleep. Comfort quilt foam provides extra comfort and coconut fibre insulation pads protect the comfort layers from the springs."

Coconut Sleeping Bags (coconut)
Deja Vu
"With a recycled polyester insulation, a recycled polyester shell and a fabulous Cocona™ lining made with fibers from salvaged coconut shells, you are insured a good night sleep."

Coconut Sleeping Bag (coconut)
Sleeping Bag
"So, just how green is the Sierra Designs Nahche +0 Sleeping Bag you ask? Well to start it off, the Sierra Designs Nahche +0 Sleeping Bags PrimaLoft isulation is made from a collection of recycled textiles and PET bottles. The shell fabric on the outside is aslo made with recycled EcoSensor fabric. but, thats not all. The Cocona lining is made from activated carbon that comes from coconut shells.

Coconut Pillow (coconut)
Coconut Pillow
"A great choice for back and side sleepers, the Coconut Bliss Pillow has natural coconut integrated with premium foam. This allows for 3 times more air circulation than traditional foams, giving you a more comfortable night's sleep."

Coconut Fibre Foam (coconut)
Coconut Foam Mattress
"One piece coconut fibre mattress: 1)Simply design with coconut fibre; 2)Comfortable cotton fabric; 3)Natural coconut fibre"

Coconut Headboard (coconut)
"Headboards are made of cotton or cotton and coconut fibres. Produced in different shapes, dimensions and colours, they are are a useful support comfortable and wrapping during sleep."

Coconut Palm Matress
"This natural mattress is made with coconut palm fiber, latex-free foam, and pure cotton. It can be used on both sides to give baby years of safe, healthy dreams."

Coconut Mattress (coconut)
Babyluxe Mattress
" •Coconut fiber bonded with 100% natural latex"

Mattress (coconut)
COCO Matress
"Beck To Nature's KOKO Mattresses are best for babies because they are made from 100% renewable materials, coconut husk and natural latex, and are therefore free of harsh chemicals that can be inhaled by baby's developing lungs."

Mattress (coconut)
Coconut Mattress
"Heng Huat Manufacturer Sdn. Bhd. is the first fully-integrated and cost-effective 100% Natural Coconut Fibre mattress manufacturer in Malaysia for many years. Through careful selection and gathering of raw material coconut husk and systematic quality control of coconut fiber production, we are able and capable to manufacture good quality 100% Natural Coconut Fiber sheets, mattresses as well as other furniture products at competitive pricing."

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