Jun 1, 2012

Allergens in Tiles

Shellfish Tiles
Eco Sea Tile
"EcoSeaTile has developed innovative ways to use waste lobster, mussel and clam shells discarded by the seafood processing industry. For years these shells have been considered trash and relegated to landfills. In collaboration with Shellstone, with its highly acclaimed and award winning products in the gift industry, EcoSeaTile has created a method of recycling this waste. The result is a series of stunning and eco-friendly products for your home or business."

Nut Flooring Product
ECO-RWS is a seamless fluid applied decorative flooring system comprised of recycled walnut shells and VOC compliant polymers. The system is designed to create an aesthetically pleasing wear surface that is extremely durable with a wide range of finish textures."

Floor and ceiling tiles made from almond shells
Textured Panels
"New Age Veneers introduces a revolutionary three-dimensional wall and ceiling covering made from crushed almond shells. Offering an effective alternative to wood, it is environmentally friendly, offers high performance and when it comes to design brings an entirely new aesthetic to the market."

Coconut Tiles
"Cocomosaic Tiles are made from shells of natural coconuts that are abundant and found in many parts of Indonesia. Coconut shells are readily available and so far only a small portion of it has been used as a low economic solution. As Cocomosaic Tiles are produced from the fruit of the coconut tree, we are keeping the trees alive allowing them to produce even more fruit. By using Cocomosaic Tiles, we can create the interior style we are looking for while being environmentally conscious and active in our choices."

Milk Filler
Casein Filler
"Earthborn Casein Filler has a smaller carbon footprint than most fillers. It is based on the natural milk protein casein and white lime. Less energy is used to make it because it is titanium dioxide free.

But there is no loss of performance. Earthborn Casein Filler has excellent adhesive qualities, making it easier to fill cracks and holes in plaster and other surfaces. Once applied, it remains flexible and lasts exceptionally well.

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