Jul 20, 2012

Cards Made From Corn

Plastic Cards
Enviro Cards
"Environmental cards are produced from renewable resources and recycled material, all of which significantly reduces the usage of the limited natural resources on earth, unlike the traditional petroleum base PVC cards. Our suite of environmentally friendly cards includes PLA or corn cards, teslin plastic and recycled PVC cards."

Business Cards
Plastic Corn Cards
"Plastic Corn Business Cards "What makes custom printed plastic business cards from PlasticCornBusinessCards.com unique is that your cards can be printed on a variety of plastic card stocks and thicknesses including all natural cards made from corn.

AB Note
"Corn plastic (NatureWorks LLC) is manufactured from corn, an abundant and annually renewable resource. Since corn is domestically grown, it is readily available for manufacturing, supports US farmers, the US economy, and reduces dependency on foreign petroleum supplies.

Corn Cards (gift cards, membership and reward cards)
Plestek Cards
"PLA plastic cards cards(or corn cards) are manufactured from corn oil (also poly lactic acid from corn) these corn cards look and feel just like the PVC cards which promises the same durability as PVC does. PLA plastic cards require 35% less energy and produce 25% less green house gas.

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