Jul 8, 2012

Tableware Made From Coconuts

Coconut Fork
Coconut Fork (and other cutlery)
"Coconut shell fork display the blend of creativity and ingenuity and renders an exotic touch to your dining table. The handle of this eco-friendly cutlery piece is made with coconut wood and the prongs are made of coconut shell."

Coconut Cups
Coconut King
"Bring the tropics to your store, restaurant, business, or special event. Real coconut shells make the perfect natural cups to serve ice cream, sorbet, dips, shrimp or fruit cocktail."
br> Coconut Cups
"Real Coconut Cups and Plastic Coconut Cups
"We feature Coconut Party Cups made of real coconut shells and plastic coconut shapes. The coconut cups made of real shells are available in 2 styles"

Bambu Recycled Coconut Bowl
"Made from half a reclaimed coconut shell. The coconut flesh is removed and the bowls are then cleaned and polished. The inside is finished with a food-safe natural lacquer, creating a beautiful, durable waterproof finish accented in a modern and fresh colour."

"Marrying contemporary colors and shapes with traditional craftsmanship with natural and renewable resources, bambu presents a collection of unsurpassed quality and modernity of bowls made from bamboo strips and coconut shells."

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