Feb 6, 2015

Home Improvement Items Made From Fish/ Shellfish

"Ecolibrium Flooring BASE-ECOLIBRIUM- CLAY- 4"x 4' length Ecolibrium Bio-Based Wall Base is made of walnut and oyster shells making Ecolibrium one of the most sustainable choices on the market. It’s a one-of-a-kind solution that complements any design. And that makes it worthy of a second glance. By combining renewable materials like walnut shells and oyster shells in an innovative manufacturing process, we were able to create a highly sustainable, high-performance wall base."

Selp Healing Car Paint
The self-healing coating uses chitosan which is derived from chitin, the main component of the exoskeleton of crustaceans (lobsters, crabs, shrimps etc). The chitosan is chemically incorporated into traditional polymer materials, such as the ones used in the outer coatings to protect the paint on cars.

Fish Paint
"The Captain landed and settled in New Orleans to spend years conducting painstaking (and smelly) research. He finally settled on a fish-oil based paint that stopped rust, dried overnight and left no lingering aroma. Rust-Oleum Corporation was born."

Odour Control Product
Biofiltration uses shellfish byproduct for odour control
"Bord na Móna’s MónaShell enhanced biotrickling filter uses shells (a byproduct from the shellfish processing industry) in place of plastic media. Shells slowly release calcareous compounds, which neutralize acidic sulphur compounds. The result is effective pH control and sustained odour oxidation. MónaShell achieves up to 99 percent removal of odours, H2S, organic sulphides, and VOCs. Although the shell media is eventually consumed, with the exception of very high concentration regimes, life spans are similar to conventional filter media."

Eco Sea Tile
"EcoSeaTile has developed innovative ways to use waste lobster, mussel and clam shells discarded by the seafood processing industry. For years these shells have been considered trash and relegated to landfills. In collaboration with Shellstone, with its highly acclaimed and award winning products in the gift industry, EcoSeaTile has created a method of recycling this waste. The result is a series of stunning and eco-friendly products for your home or business."

Rust Proofing
"KO-66's rust proofing formula consists of several different penetrating and lubricating ingredients including LANOLIN and FISH OIL. KO-66 has a bituminous base, giving it that renowned sticking ability. It has a wax coponent which seals off the treated area, leaving the inner ingredients to stay moist and active to continue their penetrating and rust preventing work."

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