Aug 5, 2012

Soy Ink

Tea Bags
Our Tea Bags
The tag, complete with brewing instructions printed with soy ink, is also fashioned from all-natural bamboo and recycled paper. The mesh tea bag fabric of the Eco-Friendly Full-Leaf Round Tea Bags is a byproduct of corn and sewn with bamboo string. Both are an all-natural, renewable resource.

Print Services
Dolphin Blue
"Dolphin Blue is a full service green printer offering Soy Inks printed on 100% post consumer recycled stock. From printed business cards and printed letterhead to printed brochures, we can work with your company to produce outstanding environmentally friendly materials."

Greeting Card Printing
Greeting Cards
"At BizInk, we transform your designs into beautiful full color materials by printing greeting cards on recycled paper, using environmentally friendly soy inks, and a state of the art 4-color printing process."

Greeting Cards
Greeting Cards
"All our greeting cards are printed on 100% recycled, 100% post-consumer waste paper. We use soy based inks, biodegradable/ compostable cellophane, and recycled cardboard."

Wrapping Paper
Fish Lips Designs
"Non-toxic soy based inks"

Wrapping Paper
Green Field Wrapping Paper
"Proudly introducing our new line of Recycled Gift Wrapping Paper printed using soy-based inks rather than conventional petroleum-based inks."

Wrapping Paper
Recycled wrapping paper kits with soy based ink
"Soy ink (soy tinta) is a form of non-food soy. It is an environmentally friendly, healthy, and a safe approach to printing that takes only a small amount of energy to make. In fact, soybeans only use about 0.5 percent of the total energy that is needed to create the ink."

Ink on Packaging (dog products)
The Ink
"Made from soybeans and nut oils rather than petroleum – Refineries that separate crude oil into petroleum products contribute to global warming by contributing to air, water and soil pollution."

Business Cards
Juan Madrigal
"Juan Madrigal business cards were letterpress printed onto 4 ply 100% cotton rag mounting board. The business cards use soy ink – made from soya beans rather then traditional petroleum based inks."

Business Cards
"We use a print production that utilizes soy-oil based inks instead of traditional petroleum-based ink. Also known as vegetable-oil ink, soy ink is a great advancement in the print industry."

Business Cards
Think With Ink
"As with our other print products we offer a “Go Green” printing option at no additional charge. is now printing business cards in full color using soy inks and recycled papers. This allows us to do our part in helping the environment.

Post Cards
Post Cards
"All inks from are soy-based, which is derived from soy beans and are eco-friendly. This alternative ink was originally developed for newspaper printing but is also used by on items such as your postcards, business cards, and greeting cards."

Eco-Friendly Soy Cartridges
"IBF is proud to offer SoyPrint cartridges. Made in the U.S. from soy beans, this is the "greenest" option for replacement cartridges for your Canon, HP, Lexmark, IBM or QMS printer. All SoyPrint cartridges are fully guaranteed to meet your satisfaction."

Toner Cartridge
The critical difference between AgriTone™ cartridges and traditional cartridges is that AgriTone™ cartridges contain BioBlack, a toner containing a significant concentration of bio-based resin, in place of petroleum-based resin. The resins used to create the toner are made with natural oils from American crops like soy, corn, and cotton seed, all renewable resources that are not only readily available, but sustainable long-term."

Soy Ink
The National Soy Ink Center
"The National Soy Ink Information Center is now closed. Due to the success of the soy ink industry, we feel there is no longer a need to continue our work promoting soy ink and its acceptance through the National Soy Ink Information Center. In short, the soy ink industry is such a success that you don’t need us anymore!"

Soy Ink Articles
What Chemicals Are used in Newspaper

How Safe Are Soy Products for Those Allergic to Soy?

Art Easel
Enjoy a minimalistic tool for your creative masterpieces, and when you’re all done, fold it up for easy storage. Constructed from recycled cardboard and printed using soy inks.

Eco Art Pad
"Made in Maine with FSC certified paper and printed using soy inks. Our eco-art-pads™ also hold Rainforest Alliance certification known around the world as the symbol of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

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