Oct 17, 2012

Instruments That Have Coconuts in Them

Guitar Pick
Wilton Guitar Picks
"Welcome to Wilton Picks, the home of the genuine hand crafted coconut shell guitar pick. These picks are specially designed to feel comfortable and produce a lovely warm tone."

Guitar Pick
Exotic Material Guitar Picks
"If you are looking for something different, then these are the picks for you. These are Hand-Made in the USA, and are available in your choice of Rosewood, Ebony, Coconut Shell, Camel Bone, Buffalo Horn, or Australian Multi-Color Horn (Light or Dark). The Wood & Coconut Picks have more of a Warm & Open Tone"

Tambourine Drum
Tambourine Drum
"How to play: Hold the Tambourine Drum in one hand and shake / tap against your other hand.

Size: 20cm, 5cm

Product Materials: Wood, Leather, Coconut

Thumb Drum
Thumb Drum
"This is made out of a coconut. Eight keys and comes with a song book."

Coconut Drum
"Fair Trade hand held drum made of half coconut with ply or soft wood drum face for effective sound. Comes with beater. Approximately 15 cm across."

Thumb Piano
Kalimba Coconut Thumb Piano
"This Kalimba thumb piano is made of a coconut shell with a wooden faceplate. Features 7 keys and a hand carved wooden gecko design on the faceplate. Tune the keys by tightening the screws."

Thumb Piano
Coconut Painted Hand Piano
"15cm Our best selling Thumb Piano, it sounds wonderful and looks even better.

The coconut is basically an amplifier and this gives a lovely mellow tone."

Kabbas Coconut Shaker
"Kabbas - Coconut Shaker - This awesome, very high quality Kabbas Shaker is easy to play and a great addition to your percussion collection. The shaker features a coconut wrapped in color beads. By twisting the kabbas, the beads roll back and forth over the rough coconut exterior and produce a great "shoop shoop" sound."

Coconut Maracas
Coconut Maracas
"Coconut shells are transformed into Latin shakers, or maracas. A perfect addition to your music collection, they produce a vibrant sound. Handpolished for a finished effect."

Mini Coconut Maracas
Mini Coconut Maracas
"•Coconut shell
•Warm sound ideal for acoustic performances"

Coconut Maracas
"Each pair of these maracas is made with real coconut shells on wooden handles. They sound great! Since these are made with natural coconut shells, size and coloring may vary."

Maracas Hand Painted Coconut Shell
Maracas Hand Painted Coconut Shell
"Painted Seed Maracas (pair)
Dimensions: Approx. 8"L x 12"circum.
Materials: Cocount shells
You will receive a pair (2 pieces) of maracas. Shown is a representation of the selection we carry. The ones you receive may be different from the ones pictured."

Pair of Coconut Shell Maracas
Pair of Coconut SHell Maracas
"The hard coconut shells on these maracas produce a nice sharp sound. The handles are fashioned from smooth hardwood.

From Our Percussion Instruments, Maracas & Noise Makers Collection.

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