Oct 22, 2012

Halloween Coconut Dangers

Face Paint
Non Toxic Face Paint
"Purple: SAFE for EYES, LIPS & FACE- organic jojoba oil & castor oil, titanium dioxide, tin oxide, iron oxide, sericite, cosmetic grade rice powder, mica, beeswax, triglyceride (derives from coconut and palm kernel oil), polyglyceryl oleate (vegetable folic acid), vitamin e tocopherol, 1% phenoxyethanol-SA (a safe alternative to paraben preservatives) Certified USDA organic ingredients are in this high quality product."

Wind Chime
Bamboo Jack O Lantern Wind Chime
"Handcrafted of bamboo and carved coconut shell with a metal hook and nylon string"

Coconut Bra Halloween Coconut Bra
"Coconut Bra Bikini Top
Coconut Bikini top is a great addition to a hawaiian grass skirt for a luau costume.
Additional Information:
Coconut Bra top made from real coconuts
Cup size may vary since this coconut bra top is made from real coconuts"

Coconut Bra
Coconut Bra
"The Coconut Bra is made of real coconut shells with braided raffia strings to tie around the neck and the back."

Coconut Masks
Coconut Masks
"These handmade masks are made with the base of a coconut shell, then built up and embellished with clay and strawberry cactus, seapods, or horns of goats, corncobs, and other various plant life that the artist may stumble upon while walking the beaches of Southern Mexico."

Coconut Masks
Handcrafted Coconut Masks painted by hand
"These Coconut Masks are all made out of a natural Coconut and are complete hand painted. Some have different type of seeds, Wood Pieces and even Goad Horn on them to present different types of figures."

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