Nov 2, 2012

Home Decor Made From Coconuts

Coconut Masks
Coconut Masks
"These handmade masks are made with the base of a coconut shell, then built up and embellished with clay and strawberry cactus, seapods, or horns of goats, corncobs, and other various plant life that the artist may stumble upon while walking the beaches of Southern Mexico."

Maraca Woman
Coconut Maraca Woman
"Our Coconut Maraca Woman Decoration is carved from a real coconut and comes with a coconut husk cap, coconut fiber hair, and burnt or hand painted details to bring the character to life.

Coconut Frame
Coconut Frame
"When our ship set ground on the shore of an uncharted desert isle, we donned our handy formalwear (thank goodness we packed it) and made lemonade out of lemons—or rather, frames out of coconut shells."

Coconut Shell Zebra Accent Lamp
"This beautiful hand carved zebra shaped accent lamp is made from wood and hemp rope, with a drilled out real coconut shell acting as the body and lampshade. The coconut shell has hundreds of holes drilled into it to provide you just the right accent lighting."

Coconut Masks
Handcrafted Coconut Masks painted by hand
"These Coconut Masks are all made out of a natural Coconut and are complete hand painted. Some have different type of seeds, Wood Pieces and even Goad Horn on them to present different types of figures."

Coconut Balls
Coconut Shell Balls
"Coconut shell balls from Indonesia Bali. Home accents and home decors made of coco shell layered on plastic ball. Coco shell balls made in Indonesia as ornaments and decoration for kitchen table or living room home accessories. Coconut balls made of coconut shell, available in various colors."

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