Nov 3, 2012

Soap With Nuts in Them

Speckled Hyena Hand Scrub
"Speckled Hyena gently exfoliates skin while removing dirt. Your kid's will love the bright colors and yummy fragrances with walnut shell that looks like little speckles of glitter."

Almond Soap
Dr. Harris Almond Oil Soap
"D. R. Harris's world famous Almond Oil soap has the added ingredients of almond oil and lanolin to prevent dryness. The soap is white, triple-milled and is recommended for the most delicate of skins."

Coco walnut shell Soap
Coco Walnut Soap
"Ok, you wanted an all natural heavy exfoliating soap…well, you’ve got it. Loaded with walnut shell granules, this soap packs a punch and is a cult favorite among those looking for a strong exfoliator.. With aloe and shea butter it makes sure you leave the bath feeling soothed and refreshed."

"A luxurious soap of exceptional quality renowned for its superior skin nourishing properties. The profound softening effect of macadamia soap, along with its moisturizing ability and non irritating purity make it perfect to use for sensitive skin and IDEAL BABY SOAP.

No preservatives. No artificial additives. No hidden ingredients.

100% pure saponified macadamia nut oil. Unscented and therefore suitable for hypersensitive skin and people with allergy to essential oils.

Industrial Soap
Commercial Soap
"Contains Walnut Shells"

Hostess Holiday Soap
Upper Canada Soap
"These stunning, off-white decorative soaps are lightly fragranced with the scent of cedarwood and are perfect for ex-foliating as each made with crushed walnut shells . Perfect for any Home D├ęcor, these soaps are a great Hostess, Housewarming, or Holiday gift."

Almond Soap
Almond Soap with Ground Walnut Shells
"A fresh almond aroma is captured in this soap, with a dash of ground walnut shells for exfoliation! You know how certain smells remind us of times in our lives, people, particular memories, etc? This almond smell reminds me of an almond pastry my mom's friend used to make us when I was a kid....good memories :)"

Macadamia Soap
Washing Matild
"Macadamia nuts come to us from Australia. When Matilda washes in the billabong, it’s the wonderful moisturizing quality of the macadamia nut oil soap that protects her skin from the rough climate of the outback!

This soap produces copious lather, and deep cleans your face, body, and hair. Our soaps do not dry out your skin the way store-bought "bath bars" (which are actually detergents) do. In fact, they leave just a little of that beautiful macadamia oil behind. All you'll feel is soft skin you will love and be proud of."

Liquid Soap
Silk Luxury Soap With Aloe Vera - Skincare Cleaning Products
"Aloe Vera and Almond Oil moisturising pearlised liquid soap hand and body wash; Silk produces a rich silky foam for cleaning and leaves skin soft, moisturised with a subtle almond blossom fragrance; suitable on all skin types."

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