Nov 8, 2012

Christmas Decorations Made From Corn

Christmas Cards
Santa Corn Leaf Greeting Cards
"•Design on card is made from collage of dyed corn leaves"

Nativity Set
Nativity scene made of corn leaves
"Lovely nativity scene handmade in corn leaves by our most talented artisans of the orient region."

Nativity Set
Corn Husk Nativity Set (scoll down)
"This fun nativity set is crafted out of cornhusks and yarn. Handmade in Uganda, East Africa. Set includes 7 figures and 3 animals."

Christmas Decoration
Cornhusk Angel Band Ornament
"Our angel band consists of six little angels, each one hand made from corn husks with dyed blue "robes", gold glittery wings, and tiny wooden musical instruments."

Christmas Decoration
Cornhusk Angel Ornaments
"These delicate recycled cornhusk angels make a beautiful addition to any Christmas tree or holiday display. This truly unique holiday ornament is handmade by the artisans of Xetonox in the tiny town of Tecpán, Guatemala."

Artificial Snow
Earth Friendly Winter Snow
"This is our new "earth friendly" artificial snow. It will last for years when used for indoor snow displays, but it completely breaks down within one year of being exposed to weather and dirt, unlike plastic snow which lasts for hundreds of years in a landfill. It does not biodegrade nearly as quickly as the instanty biodegradable snow listed at the top of this page. Very economical and will work very well in any winter time or Christmas time display. Safe for indoor or outdoor use, and non-toxic. Made from a corn starch-based product that is not harmful to animals or humans."

Artificial Snow
Artificial Snow
"Currently, the most popular additive is Snomax, a freeze-dried protein powder sold by York Snow, Victor, N.Y. Snomax is derived from Pseudomonas syringae, a common bacterium found on grasses, trees, and vegetable crops. In the 1970s, plant pathologists studying the frost sensitivity of corn plants at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, discovered that the bacteria were responsible for initializing ice crystallization"

Fall and Christmas Holiday wreathes made from cornhusks, made by crafters.
Toys Made From Corn
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