Dec 13, 2012

Necklaces Made From Nuts

Walnut Bracelet
"Bracelet made by Delfina Delettrez for Kenzo. The bracelet eatures real walnuts preserved in resin and encased in walnut shells made of golden metal and has an adjustable lenghth"

"loving this beautiful necklace from french jewelry designer calourette. it’s a “nut” of silver nestled within a real walnut shell."

Naturalistic Vintage Necklace Walnut Shells~Peach & Apricot Pit Beaded
"Really fabulous and unique! This vintage continuous Necklace measures 44' long and is hand crafted from all organic material. The largest oval or round beads are carved from Walnut shells and the largest oval shaped beads are Peach pits!"

Child's Necklace
Child's Necklace in a Walnut Shell
This Child's Necklace in a Walnut Shell is the perfect gift for a dress up child! Your child will crack open a walnut to find a sweet necklace inside. Each nut contains one necklace with a pendant is strung on a 17" clear elastic cord. Walnut Shell comes in a lovely organza bag. This beautiful gift is created in the U.S.A!"

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