Sep 22, 2013

Garden Products That Contain Corn

Rain Barrel
Rain Barrels
"RainReserve Rain Diverter is made of durable hybrid corn plastic, weather and UV resistant, designed to last a lifetime"

Turf Builder
Scotts Turf Builder lawn Fertilizer with Weed Prevent 10-0-0 (click Details & Usage)
Active Ingredients Made with 100% Corn Gluten

Amaizeingly Green
"Amaizeingly Green™ is truly 100% natural pre-emergent weed seed germination inhibitor with corn gluten. It is constructed of blends of ingredients to balance the nutrient content for optimum turf grass performance. Corn Gluten Meal has a natural NPK rating of 10-0-0."

Corn Gluten Organic Fertilizer
"This Corn Gluten Fertilizer is the only OMRI-certified organic and non-GMO corn gluten available on the market."

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