Mar 20, 2012

Nuts in Your Garden

Wally Roots
Harvest Time Shells
Wally Roots is our beautiful hazelnut half shell amendment product. Wally Roots is best used in potted plants, flower beds, gardens, & walkways. Spread a layer of Wally Roots on top of your soil to create a decorative ground cover or amend the shell into your soil for aeration & drainage."

Garden Pots
Plant Containers
"We carry environmentally-friendly biodegradable plant containers made from natural items such as coconut fiber and peanut shells. Coconut fiber pots, made from coconut husks, are a more environmentally-friendly replacement for peat pots."

Peanut Grass
Peanut Grass
"Ornamental Peanut is an attractive, low-maintenance groundcover, that blooms bright yellow flowers from spring to first frost. This drought-tolerant, hardy perennial requires no supplemental water after it is established. It is in the peanut family, thus it makes its own nitrogen. This eliminates the need of nitrogen fertilizers. It has no known pests or disease which makes it an excellent ground cover of choice!"

Peanut Grass according to this article peanut grass is more closely related to grass than peanuts, I'm not sure how much of a concern for peanut allergic, peanut grass is for them.

Pecan Mulch
Pecan Shell Mulch

Hazelnut Shells
Hazelnut Shells
"Hazelnut shells work great in many locations within your gardens. They can be used around perennials and vegetables in your raised gardens, flower beds, as a ground cover, pathway surface or anywhere you would have used bark mulch in the past.

Using shells will prevent slug damage to your plants and also reduce the amount of landscape maintenance by cutting down the amount of weeds within the beds."

Ground Cover
Hazelnut Shells
"Great for groundcover, garden beds, pathways, mulch, animal arenas and drainage
Environmentally friendly!
Lasts longer than beauty bark
Helps deter pets & slugs in your garden!
Pull weeds easier & prevent regrowth!

Potting Mix
Soil Mender Potting Mix
"Our Peat-Based Potting Soil isn’t ordinary. Its unique combination of natural ingredients provides readily accessible nutrients to your plants without special additives and fertilizers. It also holds together well when transplanting. Contains topsoil, peat moss, perlite, pecan & peanut shells, wormcastings, humate, and other special ingredients."

Compost starter made from peanuts
Super Hot Compost Starter

"Contains blood meal, bone char, alfalfa meal, kelp meal, pasteurized poultry litter, natural nitrate of soda, feather meal, and peanut meal"

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