Apr 4, 2016

Electric Fencing Coated in Peanut Butter

Electric Fencing
Deer Proof Electric Fence (article)
There are two ways to improve the effectiveness of an electrified fence. Combining the fence with attractants or lures encourages deer to touch the fence with their noses or mouths, enhancing the aversive conditioning. One tactic is to attach aluminum flags to an electrified wire, and to coat the flags with peanut butter. Another approach is to use electrified ribbon, known as polytape, and to treat the entire length with a peanut butter and oil mixture. Deer are more likely to see the high-visibility polytape tape at night, reducing the chance that they will walk into a wire and break it.

Electric Fencing
Oh Deer..Not My Garden (article)
Electric Fencing – A notch up from regular fencing since it adds an electrical shock, has the same general advantages and disadvantages. (Strange, but true fact about electric fencing: people smear peanut butter on aluminum foil attached to the fence. The peanut butter is a powerful lure and once the deer’s nose makes contact it won’t want to repeat the experience.)

Electric Fencing
Go Away Deer (article)
Since deer are creatures of habit, the sooner you can deter their foraging, the better. Baiting an electric fence with peanut butter can train deer to stay out of an area. Tree guards that wrap around the trunks are a must in winter, and I encircle young fruit trees with fencing for the first few years so deer can't reach the branches. Covering shrubs in early spring with fabric row covers can deter feeding long enough for wild food plants to become available.

Electric Fencing
Deer Repellent (article)
Electric Deer Repellents shock the deer on the nose and teach them to stay away.

An ordinary electric fence will work very well if the deer touches it but unless the fence is very tall the deer will jump over it without touching the wires.

So to get the deer to touch the wires before they jump over, the wires can be baited. A baited electric fence is also known as a peanut butter fence because peanut butter is often used as bait.

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