Oct 11, 2016

Nut Shells Used in Gas Masks

Gas Masks
Gas Warfare in WW1
WW1 Gas MaskIndiana War Memorial museum exhibit This is a modified version of the British design, a canvas mask attached to a fiber hose with a charcoal filter attached. The charcoal was make from fruit pits and nut shells, both of which were often acquired from recruiting drives from the home front. The soldier had to breath directly through the tube, as the canvas mask was not airtight like the later rubber masks.

Gas Masks
Peach Stones (Pit) Campaign during WWI
he best material for gas masks is cocoanut shell, but it has been found that many other fruit stones and nut shells provide an excellent quality of charcoal or carbon. They include peach, apricot, cherry, prune, plum and olive pits, date seeds, and the shells of brazil nut, hickory nut, walnut, and butternut. Materials may be mixed together indiscriminately, the announcement says, although all must be dried by oven-baking or sun-drying.

Gas Masks
Peach pits, nut shells and how they helped us win the Great War
Fruit stones and nuts shells, burned slowing in a controlled fashion, were the perfect source for activated carbon. Now the problem was getting enough of these common everyday items together to do the job. After all, it took 200 peach pits or 2 pounds of nut shells to produce enough carbon to outfit one gas mask.

Gas Masks
Your Country Needs YouTo Collect Fruit Stones andnut Shells
Gas masks with charcoal filters were distributed to combat the effects of the gas. And towards the very end of the war, it was realised that a more effective filter could be made from the charcoal that came from burning fruit stones and nutshells. Of great value for the charcoal they produced were stones from peaches, apricots, cherries, plums and dates, alongside shells from Brazil nuts and walnuts.

Historical use of nuts in gas masks is more of interest than current risk. Gas masks containing nut shells are unlikely to cause a reaction, unless you work at a museum this is not a current concern.

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