Aug 19, 2012

Ancient Armour Made From Coconuts

Normally I don't post about products containing allergens that involve violence or weapons, but I decided to bend the rules a little for ancient armour, and I added a link on modern science looking at armour made from fish.

Suit of Armour
"Suit of armour" made of coconut fibre cord, comprising cuirass (decorated with black lozenges of human hair) and back-piece; internal wood supports."

Suit of Armour
Kiribati armour, late 19th century
"This is a suit of armour made in Kiribati in the late 19th century. The body and head sections are made from the mid-ribs of coconut fronds closely bound with sennit (plaited coconut fibre)."

Suit of Armour
Armor Made From Coconut Fibre
Armor made of coconut fiber used in the Gilbert Islands could protect against low-velocity musket balls

News Items
Fish Scales May Inspire Body Armor
M'sia to produce world's lightest body armour from coconut

History of Allergies
History of Chemurgy

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