Feb 19, 2012

Paint Made From Nuts

Paine and Stains Made From Nuts

Deck Coating
Aggregate of walnut shells that are dense, hard, and have a low specific gravity.
Skid resistant texture for pedestrian decks.

Log Cabin Restoration
Alpie Restoration
"When dryblasting we use many different types of blasting media depending on the age, condition, and type of log home. We use walnut shells, corncob, crushed glass, and occasionally coal slag."

Walnut Oil Paint
Walnut Oil Paint
"Walnut oil has been used by oil painting artists from before the 5th century for diluting their paint and for binding their pigments."

Rust-Oleum Professional Exterior Gloss Gloss Almond Oil-Base Paint
Professional Exterior Gloss Gloss Almond Oil-Base Paint

Deck System
Dura A Walk
"Dura-Walk Aggregate crushed walnut shell aggregate is used as non-slip texture in a Dura-Walk PS plaza deck system. It is a non-toxic, 100% bio-degradable material.

Marine Deck Paint Additive
Shell Tex
"Shell-Tex is a finely ground walnut shell non-skid additive for marine coatings that creates a textured slip resistant finish to any paint or clear coating product. Use it to improve slip resistance or simply to add decorative texture to any finish. Acceptable for use with both oil and water based products. It is acceptable for brush and roller-coat applications and it is sprayable. DIRECTIONS: Pour contents of package into marine paint product, mix thoroughly, apply evenly."

Wood Stain
Walnut Oil Based Interior Stain
British Paints 250ml Walnut Oil Based Interior Stain

Wood Stain
Mahoney's Walnut Oil
"Developed by renowned bowl turner Mike Mahoney, this utility finish is filtered, 100% pure walnut oil. It will harden into a food safe satin finish for bowls, butcher blocks, wood utensils and other wooden utility ware. Just wipe on or immerse and let it penetrate and harden for 24 hours, then reapply as desired."

Organic Walnuts
"Commercial Artist Oil Paint This page was inspired by Michael Morgan who is passionate about the use of walnut oil as an artist who is involved in making his own oil paint, as well as one studying the use of walnut oil in commercial artist oil paint."

Graham Professional Oil Paint

Walnut Oil
Walnut Oil
Refined walnut oil is a perfect medium for working with our earth oil pigments. Slow-drying, non-toxic, and all-natural. Unlike linseed oil it doesn’t yellow over time.

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