Oct 12, 2014

Home Improvement Items That Contain Nuts

Wood Plastic
Pistachio Shells Used To Make Plastic Nanocomposite (article)
Iranian researchers from Isfahan University of Technology used ,pistachio shell to produce a new type of nano composite which has high tensile strength. According to the researchers, the nanocomposite can be used in the building industry, and it is resistant to humidity, loss of color and various types of fungi and insects.

"Ecolibrium Flooring BASE-ECOLIBRIUM- CLAY- 4"x 4' length Ecolibrium Bio-Based Wall Base is made of walnut and oyster shells making Ecolibrium one of the most sustainable choices on the market. It’s a one-of-a-kind solution that complements any design. And that makes it worthy of a second glance. By combining renewable materials like walnut shells and oyster shells in an innovative manufacturing process, we were able to create a highly sustainable, high-performance wall base."

Construction Material
"Duralmond is a composite material obtained by mixing natural and synthetic resins, crushed almond shells and other additives. After a polymerisation process the mixture is poured into a mould and baked under pressure, giving its rigid final finish. Duralmond can be moulded into any form or texture, providing a unique material for decorative surfaces and soffits. In this way, a natural waste product such as almond shells, combined with a number of biodegradable and recyclable products can, through industrial moulding techniques, acquire forms, mimic textures and give free reign to the imagination of designers and architects."

Particle Board
Kokoboard Peanut Shell Board
Kokoboard Peanut Shell is a bio-composite board, made of post-harvest waste. Peanut Shells are turned into particle boards by a hot press procedure and the use of a formaldehyde-free adhesive. The product takes little energy to produce and reduces CO2 emissions by offering farmers an alternative to the usual burning of harvest waste."

Nuxite is made in Minneapolis from crushed walnut shells suspended in a resin binder. Walnut shells are a sustainable and renewable byproduct of annual walnut food crop harvests. They impart their characteristics of super high density, low absorption, and light weight to Nuxite."

Flooring Product
ECO-RWS is a seamless fluid applied decorative flooring system comprised of recycled walnut shells and VOC compliant polymers. The system is designed to create an aesthetically pleasing wear surface that is extremely durable with a wide range of finish textures."

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