Oct 9, 2014

Home Improvement Products That Contain Corn

Solar Heating
Corn Glycol
Corn Glycol: A cost effective, environmentally friendly solar thermal transfer solution made from corn.

If you are using propylene glycol in your solar thermal installations, this is a product you should be offering to your customers. Hood Chemical has partnered directly with one of the leading U.S. chemical companies to develop an exclusive solar-formula glycol made from corn that out-performs every propylene glycol product on the market, at about the same cost."

Solar Pannels
Corn Glycol
"Corn glycol has the same chemical properties as propylene glycol – it's non-toxic, food safe, easy to use - but it's derived from corn as opposed to oil. No brand of propylene glycol can deliver this level of performance for use in solar thermal systems."

Screw Driver
NatureAd™ Corn Plastic Zippy Screwdriver Phillips Blade
"Barrel made from 100% US corn plastic"

Paint Brushes and Rollar Handles
Down to Earth
"The paintbrush and roller handles are manufactured from 65% cornstarch, which is quite simply starch derived from corn."

Cladding of corn leaves
"In our search for new materials and ecological, we thought that they actually use leftover materials, parts thrown and no use. Thought to produce cladding interior walls made of corn leaves. The leaves are dried and fastened to straighten them out and let us work with them, the leaves stick to the plaster panels with resin. The resin makes the leaves become infected, harden and be waterproof."

Log Cabin Restoration
Alpie Restoration
"When dryblasting we use many different types of blasting media depending on the age, condition, and type of log home. We use walnut shells, corncob, crushed glass, and occasionally coal slag."

Corn Board
Building Materials
"If all of the availible 580 Billion pouns of corn stover were presse into CornBoard and use to replace the exterior shealthing currently use to build a 2000 square foot house: it woul cover 46,774,193 homes every year."

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