Jul 18, 2012

Cradle Cap Products With Nut Oils

Cradle Cap
Boots Cradle Cap Cream From Birth
This cream contains Almond Oil 5% w/w, Anhydrous Lanolin 1% w/w."

Cradle Cap
Mama Goose Cadle Cap Care
"Ingredients: Cocos nucifera (coconut oil), prunus amygdalus var. dulcus (sweet almond oil), olea europaea (olive oil), aleurites moluccana (kukui nut oil), cera alba (beeswax), lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, citrus reticulata (mandarin) oil."

Cradle Cap
Gypsy Moon Cradle Cap
A massage oil for use on baby’s scalp to remove crusty cradle cap. Gently massage into scalp 2-3x a day & leave on overnight. Remove gently in the morning.

Ingredients: jojoba oil, almond oil, infused nettle & chamomile in olive oil & lavender essential oil.

Cradle Cap
Cradle Cap Oil
Gently massage Erbaviva's Cradle Cap Oil onto baby's scalp, taking care to avoid the fontanelle. Regular use can help soothe this unwelcome condition.

Organic almond oil, organic safflower oil, organic rosemary extract, vitamin E, Essential oils: organic lemon eucalyptus, organic geranium.

Cradle Cap
Detinox Cradle Cap Treatment
"Q. Can this product be used if the child has a nut allergy?
A. Use is not to be recommended. Nuts are not included in the ingredients, but the raw materials may contain traces."

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