Jul 17, 2012

Air Filters Made From Coconuts and Shellfish

Air Filter
Carbon Filter
"We at Earth in Common believe that everyone is somewhat chemically sensitive. Since we are especially concerned with those who have multiple chemical sensitivities, we carry a special unit with coconut shell carbon vs standard petroleum carbon.

Coconut shell carbon is naturally occuring and less likely to cause allergic reactions. Standard lower-cost carbon is petroleum-based and likely to trigger chemical sensitivities."

Air Filter
Air Filter
"•Each unit contains 18 to 24 pounds of virgin hypo-allergenic coconut activated charcoal.
•Easily refill charcoal filter yourself!"

Odour Control Product
Biofiltration uses shellfish byproduct for odour control
"Bord na Móna’s MónaShell enhanced biotrickling filter uses shells (a byproduct from the shellfish processing industry) in place of plastic media. Shells slowly release calcareous compounds, which neutralize acidic sulphur compounds. The result is effective pH control and sustained odour oxidation. MónaShell achieves up to 99 percent removal of odours, H2S, organic sulphides, and VOCs. Although the shell media is eventually consumed, with the exception of very high concentration regimes, life spans are similar to conventional filter media."

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