Aug 11, 2012

Cleaning Products Made From Coconuts

Yoga Mat Cleaner
"Ingredients: Water, citrus oil derived from orange, ethyl alcohol derived from corn, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, extracts from chamomile, yucca, aloe vera, coconut derived surfactant and potassium sorbate."

Yoga Mat Spray
Yoga Exercise Mat Spray
"Ingredients: Saponified Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil*, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, Natural Essential Oil Blend,Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract* *USDA Certified Organic Gluten and GMO Free. 100% Vegan. Cruelty Free."

Jewellery Cleaner
Professional Jewelry Cleaner
"This amazing cleaner contains 100% biodegradable cleaning agents plus banana and coconut oil. The cleaner rinses film free; that's why it brings out 100% more sparkle, color and brilliance to your diamonds, cubic zirconia's, crystals, rhinestones, and all stones; opals radiate more fire, and pearls impart more luster. It is mild enough for pearls, yet powerful enough to bring back that "brand new look" to all of your jewelry."

Ecos Products
Eco Products
SEVERAL most Eco products contain coconut

Cleaning Wipes
Pure grain alcohol
Deionized water
Thieves oil blend
Coconut oil
Soy lecithin"

Cleaning Wipes
Compostable Cleaning Wipes
– the convenience of a cleaning wipe without the worry of any harsh chemical residue being left behind. Made using fine naturally-derived ingredients such as essential oils and coconut based cleaners, these wipes cut through stubborn messes — grease, splatters, dirt and even bathroom soap scum with ease.

Cleaning Wipes
Citrus II CPAP Mask Cleaner - Wipes
•Keep your CPAP equipment clean using these moist wipes
•No rinsing required!
•Ingredients derived from corn, coconut, and citrus
•Alcohol free
•Pack of 62 in pop-up container

Dishwashing Detergent
Household Traditions
"Household Traditions Dish Liquid is a coconut-based product—it contains nature’s versatile, renewable harvest. With coconut’s natural moisturizing qualities, washing dishes is even soothing to your hands."

Carpet Cleaning
"A rich coconut oil based neutral cleaner for all fine carpets. Ideal for Persians, Orientals, Prayer Rugs, Navajo's or any area rug where replacement of natural oils and easy rinsing is important. Restores luster and hand when used in either hand or plant cleaning operations. Available with or without optical brighteners."

Coconut Oil Soap
Coconut Soap
"Our Pure Coconut Oil Soap is a great all-purpose cleanser, simply and consciously produced using the best and purest ingredients available. You will be amazed at all the benefits this all-in-one soap has to offer including use as a body cleanser, in hair, on pets, laundry, and most household surfaces. Enjoy the clean and enticing aroma of peppermint and bergamot for all your cleaning needs. Also available in unscented for individuals who prefer no fragrance."

New Generation Cleaners
"GREEN SAGE ECO PRODUCTS offers a unique combination of surfactants, sequestrants, and wetting agents which are manufactured from renewable, naturally occurring vegetable oils and fats such as coconut, and palm, plus renewable agricultural resources such as corn and soybeans."

Kitchen Cleaner
Kitchen Cleaner with Organic Bergamot & Grapefruit Essential Oils
30% Aqua Water / Eau, <5% Coco Glucoside (Coconut, Palm, Palm Kernel Oil derived), Sodium Citrate, Sodium Carbonate, Alcohol (Corn derived), Cocamidopropyl Betaine (Coconut, Palm Kernel Oil derived), Potassium Citrate, Potassium Hydroxide, Citric Acid, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Peel Oil

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