Jul 14, 2012

Kitchenware Coated in Nut Oils

Woodlot Harvest
"There are no synthetic finishes on my bowls. Only food grade walnut oil is rubbed into the wood over several days. Then a light layer of bees wax is applied. This simple traditional finish does not artificially seal the wood. It can breathe with the change of seasons and can take in the oils from the salads thus preserving and seasoning the wood.

Bills Wood Creations
"The bowl is finished with walnut oil which also enhances the color of the wood. Clean the bowl after each use with a mild dish detergent and wipe dry immediately. It can be re-oiled with walnut oil (found in grocery stores) or mineral oil. Do not use vegetable oils as they turn rancid in time."

Wooden Spoon
Wooden Spoon
"Mason Cash also offers high quality wooden utensils. Each item is made from rubber wood and is coated in natural nut oil to seal it for protection. The curved, organic shape of the wooden spoon not only offers a stylised finish but is perfect for the task in hand, with a grooved thumb rest for additional comfort."

Cutting Board
Soundview Mill Works
" When the wood grain is raised each board is finish-sanded by hand. After sanding the wood is coated with 100% natural tung oil, a natural nut oil that hardens in the pores of the wood and provides a durable and stain resistant cutting surface. When the board is dry it is rubbed with two coats of a mineral oil and bees wax combination to create a sealed and smooth finish."

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Libby said...

Thanks for the warning. I have family members who can't even walk into a seafood restaurant without their throats closing, so this is a little bit terrifying.

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