Feb 18, 2012

Clothing Made From Crab and Shrimp Shells

Glasses and Goggles
Erik de Laurens
"I created a surprising material made of 100% fish scales ( no added compound ). The fishing industry generates several circumstances where many tons of fish scales are leftover. Using this waste as resources for the production of his fish-scale-plastic, I tried to highlight the potentiality of these industrial flaw.
In order to test the material I have designed 3 pairs of goggles and glasses inspired by swimming goggles and a table with an inlay of a fish. I have also extended the range of colours in the tumbler previously designed. "

Yarn For Socks
"TOFUtsies 50% Superwash Wool/ 25% SOYSILK brand fiber/ 22.5% Cotton/ 2.5% Chitin (made from shrimp and crab shells!) 8 sts = 1" needles: US 2 (2.75mm) 425m / 100g ball machine wash and dry"

Woman's Yoga Pant
"Material92% Polyester and 8% Spandex combined with Chitosan (a natural biomass made of crab and/or shrimp shells, certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency) creates a fabric that is naturally breathable, anti-bacterial, moisture wicking, and durable."

Beating Shoe Smells With Crab Shells (article)
Portuguese researchers are working to make anti-microbial shoes by treating leather with a modified chemical from crab shells. Chitosan is a linear polysaccharide made from the deacylation of chitin, the structural component that makes up the shells of various crustaceans.

"Crabyon fiber is realized with a blend of chitosan and viscose. Chitosan is a product derived from a compound of natural origin obtained from the shell of crab and shellfish."

Clothing Line
Essentials Line
"ChitoSante is a treatment made from crab and shrimp shells. When combined with textile fibres, this amazing environmentally friendly fabric is soft, yet durable, will not pill and keeps its shape. It also washes like a dream! We are proud to introduce several styles that make up a beautiful collection of interchanging pieces in a wide variety of sizes."

Yoga Wear
Yogini Fashion
"While Yogini looks great and offers exceptional comfort, we’re no slackers when it comes to substance. The fabrics we use are Chito Santé, (100% anti-microbial and environmentally friendly polyester made from crab and /or shrimp shells, and natural, durable French Terry (95% cotton, 5% spandex). See our fabric page for more information."

Swim Wear
Surfs Well Swim Wear
"Surfswell is proud to be the first swimwear brand to use ChitoSante in our bikinis. ChitoSante is a new environmentally friendly treatment that is made from a natural biomass called Chitosan, which is made from crab and/or shrimp shells. ChitoSante is created when Chitosan is combined with textile fibres during the finishing process. The resulting fabric is incredibly soft, breathable, durable and fast drying. Along with these benefits, ChitoSante has natural and durable anti-bacterial properties so it strongly inhibits the growth of bacteria, which is great if you are spending a lot of time in your bikini."

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