Feb 4, 2013

Ink Made From Walnuts

Walnut Ink

Walnut Ink
With the help of calligrapher & teacher Carol DuBosch we have bottled the correct amount of Walnut Ink crystals in a wide mouth 2.25 oz jar, that to the best of our knowledge, does not leak! Just add water to fill the jar and you have a lovely sepia ink for practice or finish work. Thanks to Carol for her inspiration and help. (Walnut Ink dry powder above is still the most economical purchase.)

Walnut Ink
Walnut Ink
Scriptorium Walnut Ink 40 ml. A non-waterproof mid-brown ink, with satin finish when applied densely. Colour greatly effected by tone of the support.

Walnut Ink
Black Walnut Ink
Black walnut ink conjured from rich New Hampshire hulls.
Perfect for mark-making.
Preserved with denatured alcohol.
Gum Arabic added for better flow.

Real Walnut Ink
Real Walnut Ink
"Ink made from Walnut husks. Suitable for use with Dip Pen Nib or Brush"

Walnut Ink
Walnut Ink Crystals
"The fabulous walnut ink crystals are in stock! These are the walnut ink crystals which need to be dissolved in warm water before use and can be used to age or tint a variety of surfaces including paper and fabric."

Walnut Ink
Walnut Drawing Ink
"In washes, it handles like a watercolor, with good layering and lifting capabilities. Its rich color resembles traditional walnut-based inks, but will not fade"

*Not all Walnut Inks are made from walnuts, but most are. Some people make their own walnut inks, as do it yourself projects.

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