Nov 11, 2012

Bags Made From Bananas

Silk Banana Dress
"An exquisite combination of raw silk and banana fiber, this dainty black silk dress with abaca overlay is as simple as it gets."

Banana Fibre Bag
Handwoven Fibre Basket Bag
"This is a beautiful handwoven banana fibre bag made in East Africa."

Banana Fibre Bag
Shoulder Bag
"This shoulder bag is made entirely of banana fibre. It is ideal when you have to carry just a few things and fancy a good looking bag."

Banana Fibre Bag
Natural Banana Fibre bag
"This natural bag is made of natural banana fibres. The fibers of the banana plant are twisted, Measures approximately 8" X 8" fully lined natural bag and hand woven. The double woven handles of this natural bag can be pulled to fold the bag or stretched to open the bag."

Banana Bag
Handcrafted Banana Fibre Bag
"Have you ever thought that a banana has so many hidden fibers in it that it could be weaved and transformed into a beautiful, trendy and eye-catching bag."

Banana Bag
Banana fiber Bag
"This banana bag has been created from banana bark. The banana bark is cut and sun dried. The artisans create ropes out of these banana barks. The artisan then take these ropes to create various products including bags using the crochet technique"

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