Oct 13, 2013

Counter Tops and Cutting Boards Made From Corn

"Bio-resin, corn based is produced specifically for Travina by Cook Composites and Polymers a Kansas City based, world leader in the production and distribution of gel coats, composite polyester resins, coatings, resins and emulsions"

ECO Countertops
Facts About ECO Countertops
ECO Countertops by Cosentino create an attractive, durable solid surface from 75% recycled content. The countertops are composed of post-industrial or post-consumer materials joined by an eco-friendly resin partly derived from corn oil".

Cutting Board
Cornstarch Cutting Boards
"Raw material “Bio-Plastic, PLA (Polylaticacid)” made from botanic materials such as corn has no toxic substances such as environmental hormones (Dioxins, Bisphenol A), or lead and cadmium. Vegetable BABY toy has an Eco- Label stamp (by Korea Eco Product Institute)

Cutting Board
Corn Bio Plastic Corn Chopping Board Set
"First in the world! Cutting board made from Corn-derived ploymers.Comes in set of 4 boards to seperately cut vegetables, fish, meat and cooked food.

Safe to use! Made using natural polymers derived from corn starch; it contains no harmful chemicals. And is environmentally friendly and bio-degradable when disposed. FDA approved!"

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