Apr 8, 2015

Boating and Marine Products Made From Nuts

Stain Canoe Paddles
Gunwale Guard Stained (scoll down)
"Gunwale Guard is the best way to protect your wood canoe gunwales and decks. It's a deep penetrating finish that binds to the wood structure and prevents rot, UV deterioration, and retards mildew. Applied periodically, Gunwale Guard will keep your gunwales looking showroom new or better. Gunwale Guard with walnut stain added."

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"Bell Contoured Web Canoe Seat - 32 inch 32" x 9¾" overall. Can be cut to upgrade your existing seat. Comfortable and attractive contoured canoe seat. Lowers center of gravity for more stability. Made of solid Ash with a Light walnut oil stain. UV-resistant. Black nylon web seat portion for maximum durability."

Canoe Paddles
Angles Stick
"The Anglesey Stick is finished with Tung nut oil, which is water-resistant and provides a good grip even when wet."

Marine Deck Paint Additive
Shell Tex
"Shell-Tex is a finely ground walnut shell non-skid additive for marine coatings that creates a textured slip resistant finish to any paint or clear coating product. Use it to improve slip resistance or simply to add decorative texture to any finish. Acceptable for use with both oil and water based products. It is acceptable for brush and roller-coat applications and it is sprayable. DIRECTIONS: Pour contents of package into marine paint product, mix thoroughly, apply evenly."

Clean Your Boat with Walnut Grit
Walnut shell Grit
Walnut shell Gritis the hard fibrous product made from ground or crushed walnut shells. When used as a blasting media, walnut shell grit is extremely durable, angular and multi-faceted, yet is considered a 'soft abrasive'. Walnut shell blasting grit is an excellent replacement for sand (free silica) to avoid inhalation health concerns.

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