Mar 26, 2015

Bath and Shower Items That Contain Milk

Body Wash and bubble Bath
Chocolate Milk Body Wash & Bubble Bath
A bottle of happiness: hydrating, luxurious and skin-softening, with a delicious chocolate-y scent. Moisturizes with Milk Proteins, Aloe and Cocoa Butter to leave skin silky and luminous

Bubble Bath
Kids Creamy Bubble Bath
Our bubble bath is as gentle as baby wash, and has the wonderful ingredients in milk, that nourish and feed the skin.

Milk Bath
Dead Sea Milk Bath
Uplift, restore, revive within the sanctuary of your own private bath. This 100% organic, dead sea salt, buttermilk blend and colloidal oatmeal will satisfy your most primal needs! Suspend time in a rich, creamy milk bath that brings instant calm to irritated skin.

Milk Bubble Bath
Mistral Milk Foaming Bubble Bath
Like fresh sprinkled baby powder, this delicate and comforting fragrance carries you back to innocence. This blend of mimosa, white musk and cedarwood is enriched with milk proteins, making it excellent for extra dry and even sensitive skin. Shea butter and glycerin enriched Milk Foam Bath softens your skin while the exquisite fragrance soothes your soul.

Shower Gel and Bath
Gourmet Shower Gel Bath With milk
Let the Caramel and Milk's light texture and creamy foam carry you away! Enhanced with moisturising agents and milk, renowned for its nourishing properties. Its fragrance and its gourmet Caramel tones will remind you of childhood delights and enclose your skin within a sweet veil. You'll be good enough to eat!

Body Wash
Archipelago Milk Moisturizing Body Wash
Archipelago Milk Moisturizing Body Wash contains dried milk solids and soy, oat and rice proteins which gently cleanse and exfoliate - and wash away clean and clear for smooth, soft and hydrated skin. The moisturizing formulation of this natural body wash is highly recommended for dry skin.

Crayola Bath Product
Crayola Dropz May Be OFF LIMITS for your DAIRY ALLERGIC Kid (blog article)
So, there my kids were, taking a bath with Crayola Dropz like they had many times in the past few years. However, this time my little one started crying because his hands hurt and they were swelling up with hives!

After a little hands-on investigating, I found that lactose is one of the ingredients in these bath tablets that my kids so love. Unfortunately, they are MILK ALLERGIC.

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