Jun 3, 2015

Corn in Diapers

Naty Diaper
Instead of using plastic film made from oil, in our diapers/nappies, we use a film that is made from GM free corn starch

Honest Diapers
Honest Diapers
Bio-based, gluten free wheat/corn blend in super absorbent core

Earth Best Diapers
Earth Best Diapers
•Contains natural absorbant material such as corn and wheat

Bamcorn Biodegradable Diaper
Cool Fit Biodegradable Diaper Back to Nature, made from Corn and Bamboo Fibres Natural " Breathing Fibres

Diaper Liners
Cloth Nappy Liners
"Punga Tails® all natural corn fibre nappy liners make changing cloth nappies clean and easy and are so soft and gentle on babies’ skin. Nappy liners sit next to babies skin so it is important that this fabric is natural and chemical free."

Diaper Liners
Nappy Linners
"Pop In Nappy Liners made from Corn starch PLA (Polyactic Acid) - a modern polyester derived from natural starches and sugars to create biodegradable and compostable liners."

Some of the larger diaper companies have admitted/ bragged about using corn to make their diapers in Tweets/ Facebook answers and emails to currious people, however this information is usually NOT provided on their web sites.

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