Nov 12, 2012

Christmas Decorations Made From Nuts

Nut Wreath
Nut Wreath
Autumn is harvest season for almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, and walnuts. But there's no need to squirrel them away for winter. Celebrate their abundance with this festive decoration.

Pistachio Wreath
Pistachio Wreath With Twine Bow
Nothing says natural and organic like a wreath made from nuts. Put festive red pistachios to work this season as decoration by adding them, one at a time, to a foam wreath form using a hot glue gun. Add an extra organic layer of interest with twine or burlap embellishments.

Tree Ornaments
Jesus in a Nutshell
"This decoration is a little jesus child in a crib, the crib is formed by the half of a walnut. A baby jesus of wax, hand-painted, the walnut shell coloured in gold, the crib decorated with gold lace. It is a traditional decoration for christmas time in the alpine area. The nut is a symbol that a hard outer can have a soft and valuable inside."

Nativity Set
Canterbury's most Presious Nativity
Awesome nut wreaths was inspired to make a wreath to decorate your home when celebrating or fall season arrives. Awesome nut wreaths you can design with a simple design and minimalist, but still look unique and beautiful.

Awesome nut wreaths you can make yourself according to your own creativity by using the main ingredient nuts. Even with simple ingredients of course you can make it look unique and beautiful.

Walnut Christmas Crafts
Christmas in a Nut Shell
Since a lot of Christmas treats include walnuts it is pretty common to have some walnut shells lying around the house during the holidays. Instead of throwing them away, make some of these cute and unique Christmas decorations and create your own ‘Christmas in a shell’.

You won’t believe the different ways you can use walnut shells!

Nativity Set
Nativity Stable
Ostheimer buildings are finally treated with either a non-toxic walnut oil or shellac finish in order to give the colours the greatest possible durability.

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