Mar 18, 2013

Wooden Toys Treated With Nut Oils

Teething Ring
Precious Earth Teething Rings
"These rings are sanded repeatedly until silky smooth. In order to bring out the grain of the wood and protect against moisture, we finish the rings with certified organic walnut oil. Walnut oil has been a traditional finish on wooden toys for centuries."

Wooden Toys
"Ostheimer are one of very few toy makers in the world who still make toys in the traditional way. Each piece is individually sawn, sanded and hand painted - not one part of the production process is computerised which is extremely unusual today. Made from sustainable wood - maple, ash and alder - with water based non toxic paints and a walnut oil finish, each piece is eco-friendly, hand-crafted and unique.

Wooden Toys
Farm Equipment
"These wooden toys are made of hardwood and finished with a walnut oil finish."

Wooden Toys
Starlight Woodworks
"We finish our toys with 100% pure walnut oil. We do not use any heavy metal drying agents that can be found in many ‘eco’ wood finishes."

Wooden Toys
Fine Hardwood Toys for Your Children's Children
"My toy finish is simply walnut oil and is non-toxic while giving substantial soil and moisture resistance. (I buy walnut oil at the grocery store.) Walnut oil is a traditional wood finish and has been used for centuries. Toys can be maintained occasionally with lemon or mineral oil. My toys have always been "green" in that I use local sustainably grown hardwoods and natural finishes. Now I power my workshop completely with wind power. Our children and our earth are worth caring for."

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