Mar 18, 2013

Wooden Toys Treated With Nut Oils

Wooden Toy Train
Wooden Toy Train
Many people begin by purchasing a few train cars and rekindle a child's enthusiasm each birthday or holiday with additional cars. Each 10 inch long car has a leather hitch as shown and is finished with safe to eat food grade Walnut Oil.

Wooden Toys
Ostheimer Toys
Ostheimer wooden tools are finally treated with either a non-toxic walnut oil or shellac finish in order to give the colours the greatest possible durability.

Wooden Toys
Fine Hardwood Toys for Young Children's Children
My toy finish is simply walnut oil and is non-toxic while giving substantial soil and moisture resistance. (I buy walnut oil at the grocery store.) Walnut oil is a traditional wood finish and has been used for centuries.

Lace Bear
The weaving is covered with natural oil, which we mix ourselves (75% walnut oil and 25% beeswax). To keep toys clean, just wipe them with a damp cloth.

Wooden Toys
Touch Wood Toys
MADE OF PURE NATURE MATERIALS Wood, cotton, linen, walnut oil, beeswax and paper

Wooden Farm House
Farm House
Ostheimer buildings are finally treated with either a non-toxic walnut oil or shellac finish in order to give the colors the greatest possible durability. note: the shown green base will be sold separately !

Wooden Toys
It is most natural to choose a hardwood finished with natural oil or wax, like beeswax, olive, or walnut oil (if not allergic)However, paint doesn’t always contain harsh chemicals, several paint types are perfectly fine.

The best options are plant- or water-based paints. Milk paint can also be a good option (if your child is not allergic).

You want to avoid strong plastic sealants and lacquers, especially if chances are that a small child will put the item into its mouth.

Paint is often made from plastic materials. If you are buying a wooden toy because you are avoiding plastics, you may want to think twice if the wooden toy is covered in plastic.

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