Mar 16, 2013

Microwavable Corn Bags Made With Corn

Microwavable Corn Bags
Corn Bag
"Our microwave corn warming bags are proudly made right here in the heart of the United States. Our corn is purchased 12 miles right down the road....Really!!"

Microwavable Pads
Country Creations
"If you're looking for an alternative to corded heating pads, the HUGGLE microwavable heating pad is just what you need! It heats quickly and easily in the microwave and stays at therapeutic heat levels for 45 minutes or more. The HUGGLE can also be frozen in the freezer for use as a cold compress for swollen joints or sports injuries.

The HUGGLE is a product no home should be without. It is amazingly versatile, naturally simple and began as a home remedy that went on to gain international recognition. The HUGGLE is filled with ultra-clean feed corn. The feed corn provides moist heat therapy to penetrate and relieve aches and pains."

Heating Pads
Main Warmers
"Sometimes called "corn cozies, corn bags, or corn heat bags," our Warmers are filled with all natural whole corn which has a pleasing aroma."

Microwavable Pads
Cuddle Corn
"Using whole kernel corn with 100% cotton in Cuddle Corn corn bags is the perfect match. This combination offers amazing moist heat, which allows any moisture to naturally evaporate, keeping you perfectly comfortable whether you use Cuddle Corn hot or cold.

Microwavable Heating Pads
Corn Warmerz
"Our microwaveable heating pads are purely natural, handmade using re-cleaned whole corn and 100% quality cotton fabric in many trendy retro styles."

Microwaveable Pads
Corn Cozies
"Corn Cozies are hand-made fleece pouches filled with 100% pure corn grown by everybody’s favorite farmer and my husband of twenty-two years, Chip Gifford."

Microwavable Pads
Corn Buddies
"These microwavable heating pads peaked my interest and I bought one. The rest is history. I fell in love with mine the first time I applied that soft, moist and cuddly rabbit to my sore hip. It was wonderful! And, the smell was of the corn was comforting and relaxing. I used that corn buddy for over 8 years or so, until I wore it out."

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